A Thank you! Cup of Coffee

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Want to thank Whiz Bang?

Buy a (virtual) cup of coffee.

An easy way to say thanks.

“Buy Me a Coffee” makes for a fun and easy way for you to pay a gratuity for something that we did for you, or simply because you wish to show your support for what we do.

In just a couple of clicks, you can make the payment for one cup, or as many cups of coffee that you choose.

Buy Me a Coffee is a fast and beautiful way to show support or offer a tip / gratuity.

You are welcome to pay for one, or as many as you want, just select the number in the quantity box.

Thank You! Have a beautiful day.

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What is Buy Me a Coffee?

“Buy Me a Coffee” is essentially a tip service.

The way it works is:

  1. We do something nice for you.
  2. You ask how they can repay us.
  3. We say “buy me a coffee”.
  4. We link you to our “Buy Me a Coffee” page.
  5. You can tip us as many cups as you feel serves the value of the gratuity service offered you.