Time Tokens


1 xToken represents Time Work to the Value of R500

You will receive a list of services and their equivalent Time Token values. For example website development has a higher value than say, translating a document or creating a FaceBook page.

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    • My clients can now purchase Time Tokens. These are repeated monthly for anything between 3 – 12 months, and symbolize work/services hours in credit. The amount of credit can be anything from as little as R500 p.m.
    • What this means is that clients are able to request my services at any time for any size task. Rather than invoicing task by task, the invoice is monthly (by pre-arranged monthly amount). Providing X amount of Time Tokens for X amount of Rands. These tokens can be accumulated and will never be lost.
    • We discuss and agree for how long they will run on a per month basis.
    • For every 3 month agreement signed, receive a FREE two-hour training session of your choice (for any staff member of member of family).
    • Should you, the client, have more work in one month than the next, the token system will make allowances for that. It is especially useful for big tasks that could dent a business’s expenses if it were to be paid all in one month. This way, it is “paid off” over months by using this Time Token system.
    • Useful too for clients who wish to include regular social media or website editing to their monthly budget but tend to forget about it. As a Time Token VIP client, twice monthly work reports and balance sheet is communicated, thus there will be a sense of things are being taken care of, and “I won’t let you forget”.
    • This will also enable clients to add the payment to their monthly accounting by means of a repeat payment or stop order. That way we never have to discuss money or invoices, only Time vs Work.
    • And if in your business no services are needed for a period of time, say over the December holidays, the Time Tokens accumulate, and can then be used up over the months foloowing, or for a BIG project planned. Whatever works.
    • In addition, ANY of my talents/skills/services may be redeemed in lieu of the Time Tokens.
    • I will provide you (my clients) with a list of services and their equivalent Time Token values. For example website development would use more tokens than translating a document.
  • On another note, the Time Tokens will also go a long way towards ensuring that my income continues over holidays and quiet times. I therefore encourage all my cleints to consider this as a way forward for us. Supporting my small business so that I can keep supporting my family and keep offering my super services to my clients.
  • Win win. 🙂
  • If you think of any friend or acqaintance that could benefit from my services and/or any of the above, please either forward this mail to them, OR, send me their details so that I can make contact. I’d be most grateful. Thank you!