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We Solve Your Payment Problems

By ordering Time Tokens you are effectively making sure that you have a Computer-and Software Savvy Person at your Beck and Call. Accumulate Time Tokens to Afford Large Tasks, or Get the job done upfront and pay it off over a few months with Time Tokens monthly Recurring.

Whiz Bang Time Tokens

What does this mean?

Clients are able to request services at any time for any size task. Rather than invoicing task by task, the invoice is monthly, by pre-ordered monthly Time Token amount. 1 Time Tokens for R500 Rand Work Value. These tokens can be accumulated and will never be lost.

Worried ab Big Web Tasks?

Should you, the client, have more work in one month than the next, the token system will make allowances for that. It is especially useful for big tasks that could dent a business’s expenses if it were to be paid all in one month. This way, it is “paid off” over months by using this Time Token system.

Whiz Bang Computer Skills & Training

What are Time Tokens for?

ANY of our talents, skills or services may be redeemed in lieu of the Time Tokens:


WordPress Web Design & Edits, Software Technical Knowledge, SEO, E-commerce, Take-A-Lot Sellers Assistance, FaceBook & Google Business Pages, Hosting & Domains, Online Coaching, Logo’s & Letterheads, Computer Literacy & Software Training… and more

Whiz Bang!

With over 20 years experience using computers and working, creating, learning on-line (The World Wide Web) we are able to offer our clients the luxury of that knowledge and experience. Soar forward into this, the new, digitally enhanced future. 

If you know of a friend or acqaintance that would benefit from my services and/or the above, please share this page with them, OR, send me their details so that I can make contact. Grateful. Thank you!

Whiz Bang Computer Digital Skills
Whiz Bang Computer Digital Skills

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