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We are passionate about facilitating your Whiz Bang digital experience. Together we make someting out of nothing! With you every step. Thrive in 2021 and beyond. 

Whiz Bang!

Experience our patience and digital knowledge 
combined together.

With over 20 years experience using computers and working, creating, learning on-line (The World Wide Web) we are able to offer our clients the luxury of that knowledge and experience. Soar forward into this, the new, digitally enhanced future. 

What Do You Need…?

WordPress Web design,  
Technical knowledge, 

SEO, E-commerce, Hosting & Domains, Online Marketing Tools, Logo’s & Letterheads, Computer Literacy &/or Software Training…

How woULD yOU lIKE TO get started?

A small change makes a BIG difference.

Creating future-proof digital experiences from the ground UP is what we do. Tell us about your needs, we’d love to collaborate with you.

Whiz Bang Digital Skills Company, Cape Town
what We Can Do for You

Creating value through teamwork and coaching.

We believe foremost in creating value. By working with you and coaching you through the process you minimise your time & expenses and maximise your long-term gains. Moving forward, moving up!  

You may like to know what our most popular digital services and skills are…

One-on-One Coaching Sessions to take you from A-Z on the shortest route possible? 

How to…?

Ask us “How to…?” any computer software, web, and/or online related and we will show/tell you. 


Quality WooCommerce & WordPress Sales Pages or Sites for your Business or Side-Hustle. 


Using WordPress web builder platform, with Local Domain Hosting, or free WordPress, let’s build your website. 

Take off 

From the ground UP!
See your venture take flight. The seemingly impossible is nothing more than new teritory for you.  

Exponential Growth

One thing inevitably leads to another. Growth is a sequencial experience. We are with you every step of the way. 

Step by Step

Start where you are.
We use tried and tested methods to get you from here to there in simple, manageable, consistent steps.

Visible Improvements

Effective and simple record-keeping and reporting. Follow your progress. Then realize you achieved what you thought was impossible. 

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